Synergy Pharmacy and Nutrition Store acknowledges the importance of a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. While pharmaceuticals have traditionally been used in the treatment of health conditions, there is a growing appreciation for the role of diet and lifestyle in both disease prevention and management. Synergy values this relationship and provides you with the products, expertise and support to achieve optimal health, and feel your best.

Combining traditional pharmaceutical treatments with dietary therapy has been shown to improve symptoms for a range of diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, GORD, liver disease, PCOS, and IBS. Working with our dietitian to incorporate diet and lifestyle changes can make a great impact on the management of your condition and may ultimately lead to a reduced dependence on medication.

    If you want to lose weight, or even just stick to a healthy diet, our dietitian can help provide the advice and support that you need to make individualised changes to live a happy, healthy life and enjoy food. When you nourish your body, it shows from the inside out. Reclaim your energy and vitality!

    Our store includes an extensive range of health foods, including organic and wholefoods, giving you the confidence of quality nutritious choices at your fingertips. We stock reputable brands and cater to a range of dietary requirements including gluten free, sugar free, low FODMAP and low fat options.

    Synergy Pharmacy and Nutrition Store is owned and operated by a team of qualified pharmacists, nutritionists and dietitians. We aim to provide professional advice and guidance and we have a reputation for friendly service. With years of experience focusing on health and wellbeing, Synergy Pharmacy and Nutrition Store is the only place you need to visit for health products and advice.


  • Medication advice and health information

    Our pharmacists are trained health care professionals with specialised knowledge on how medications work. If you have any questions regarding medications or health conditions, there is always a pharmacist on duty available to help. Private consultation rooms are also available upon request with either a male or female pharmacists

  • First Aid advice

    Synergy Pharmacy and Health Store stocks a wide range of first aid kits and supplies for business or personal use. Whether you require assistance regarding a specific product or advice on first aid or wound care treatment, our pharmacists are a great first point of call.

  • Script on file

    Never worry about losing your prescription again with our free Script on File service. Your prescription repeats will be stored safely in store and when you are due for more medication, you simply come into our store to request more tablets. For added convenience, it is also possible to phone or email ahead so that your medication is ready for collection when you come in.

  • Medication packaing

    Synergy Pharmacy and Healthcare offer a free medication packing service called Medico Pak. Medico Pak's offers a safe and simple way to manage your medication to keep your daily routine as uncomplicated and stress free as possible. Medico Pak is a flexible system that can be configured to suit a patient's individual needs and is assembled in store by one of our pharmacists to ensure that you are taking the right tablets at the right time.

  • Blood Pressure monitoring

    High blood pressure is known to increase your risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, and stroke. Many people with high blood pressure will not experience any symptoms of their condition. Synergy Pharmacy and Health Store offers free blood pressure checks in store.

  • Return of unwanted medications

    Synergy Pharmacy and Health Store is able to safely dispose of any unwanted medication free of charge. Simply drop them off in store with one of our pharmacists.

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OUR Team

Meet our team of high trained professionals who ready to help you with any issue respective to their field.
Come down and talk to us or simply send an email and we'll assist you as soon as we can.

Livana (BHlthSc (Nut & Diet))

Livana is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist with the Dietitians Association of Australia. She graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics with Honours. Prior to undertaking university studies in nutrition and dietetics, Livana worked in pharmacy for many years. She is acutely aware of the interrelationship between good nutrition, health and wellbeing. Livana has experience in clinical dietetics and has been involved in research focusing on paediatric malnutrition coding, the abstract of which has been selected for presentation at the 2015 Dietitians Association of Australia Conference in Perth. Livana understands that each person has unique nutritional needs and food preferences; she works collaboratively with clients to develop meal plans and provide dietary advice for individualised healthy eating. Livana is able to assist in the management of a range of conditions, as well as general healthy eating, however her main interest areas include weight management, diabetes, cholesterol management, hypertension, PCOS and food allergies and intolerances. A strong advocate for balance and holistic health, Livana has an appreciation for good food and focuses on the role of nutritious wholefoods as a path to health and happiness rather than deprivation. Contact to make an appointment with Livana and start on the path to a new you.

Zara (BMedSc MPharm)

Zara is a registered Pharmacist with seven years experience in community pharmacy. Due to a particular interest in natural medicine cultivated during her time at university, she decided to spend the first two years of her career training in a pharmacy that also specialized in herbal medicine. Zara used this opportunity to expand her knowledge of natural products and how they can be best used in conjunction with traditional pharmaceuticals.
Zara believes in the importance of a holistic approach to treating many conditions, which may involve a combination of medication, natural supplements and lifestyle modifications. As a registered pharmacist, Zara has the training and knowledge to recommend products that may be combined safely with prescription medications and to evaluate the evidence supporting their effectiveness.
Ultimately, it is Zara’s aim to look after her customers’ most important asset – their health.


Alan (B.Pharm)

Alan is a registered Pharmacist who has a passion for working in community pharmacy. Alan has a focus on primary health care and medication management. Alan has worked in a number of community pharmacies, and has also gained practical experience at private hospitals and the Asthma foundation. Alan is able to provide many quality pharmacy services to enhance customers' quality of life, including blood pressure monitoring, first aid advice, asthma management, medication management, drug interactions, complementary therapies, medication packing and many other services. Alan's goal is to provide the best possible care for all his customers, and does this by following evidence-based practice. Alan is an active leader in pharmacy projects, attends regular professional development training and seeks to keep up to date with the latest research. Alan seeks to provide quality health care and ensure all customers' medications are managed optimally.